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acceso a tuenti

Take notes of the following because it is one of the most important bases to start with the right foot in your campaigns, and then have to produce a document that will guide you on the road to success in social media marketing.

Define objectives: This first point is important because it is the direction we are going to give your campaigns, the main objectives include: improve brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, create a fan or fans, get subscribers, improve positioning your natural search engine website, getting sales, among others.

You raise good goals to give the right approach to your campaigns and get the expected results.

Focus your campaigns: Here you should give priority to the objectives to address the following questions.

    * Who do I contact? (Your target audience)
    * How will I communicate with them?
    * What is the approach I will give my campaign?

After answering the two questions have an idea of your potential market and how you will address it, this is one of the great advantages of social networks, and you can go to your target audience in a very forceful.

Tools to use: At this point you should decide based on your business that you will use 2.0 tools, there are plenty of these tools and I'm sure you're part of at least one, decide based on what you want to accomplish. You can use free social network tools to suit your business needs.

    * Facebook
    * Twitter
    * Youtube
    * Yahoo Answers
    * Tuenti
    * Linkein
    * Viadeo
    * Xing
    * Ning
    * Among many other

Measure performance based on objectives: At this point we measure whether your marketing campaigns on social networks are actually being effective, for that you will use performance indicators, we mention a few for your consideration if they are to your goals.

    * Reputation: You can use as reference Pagerank.

    * Visibility: Alexa is one of the methods of valuation of your website.
    * Organic SEO: Define keywords used to being found on search engines, every so often check what position you are and how much you've improved.
tuenti inicio

    * Traffic: Measure the traffic of your website, you can use Google Analytics.

    * User time remained on the site: You know the average time visitors last on your website, you can also use Google Analytics.

    * Input Sources: You have to analyze where they come from visitors who come to your website if search engines, social networks, reference pages, etc. And those that are important to optimize based on your goals.

    * Conversion: Define which is what visitors want (your objectives), Is it registration on your site?, "Buying a product?," Leaving a comment?, Etc. And calculate the conversion rate against the visits.

I consider it very important thing to focus on properly plan your marketing campaigns on social networks, so I'll be bringing articles on this if you want to achieve the success you hope for here in the coming days. You could also get business referrals from different business networking groups.

No one lives on this world without any friends. These friends that we have are our second family, since they help us to become a better person. May it be academic problems, social problems, or even financial problems, they are there to reach out. Now, is it not a good idea to find friends, to retain such bond that you shared together?

What are social networking websites?

These social networking websites do a process called social networking, where they connect several people, through their user accounts, in a large web on the Internet. It is in a person's user account where you can obtain some information about him. May it be his age, name, gender or even sexual orientation, you can easily have them.

Why are people visiting these websites?

Because they use the Internet as the main bridge to connect people, it is very comfortable for the people. In addition, you can find your friends through the world wide web at the comforts of your home. A lot of people not only find friends in these websites, but can also find some leisure or recreation in here. Most of all, it is free of any charge.

What are the services social networking websites offer?

These social networking websites offer a lot of services. They can help you in people search. In here, you will just type the person's name and in a few seconds, you will have search results related about the name, which you had written in the search box. Facebook also offers computer games. So if you feel stressed, just visit that website.
acceso a tuenti
Can you name some social networking websites, and their respective countries, where it is usually accessed?

If you are going to do a search on your friend on the whole world, you can visit Facebook. This website boasts more than 10 million user profiles and accounts, making it the largest social networking website, which is available on the Internet. However, some regions in the world prefer specific social networking websites.

If your friend is German, you will most likely visit Hi5 or Bebo. In Hungary, there is a preference for iWiW, but in the Iberian peninsula, you should visit Tuenti. The Chinese prefer Xiaonei, while Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians and the South East Asians go for Friendster. Canada prefers Nexopia, while Twitter is pretty famous in North America.

OhMobi is a directory, blog and search engine where you can find a selection with the best sites from the Web targeted to Phones and Smartphones (such as iPhones and Android). OhMobi is constantly updated, adding all those new phone sites which may be interesting for any users of the phone Internet.

Each one of these sites has its own personal page with useful information such as an URL directing to the site's home, a short description about the main features of the site, its IP and host country and the phone is optimized for, along with a small screenshot as a preview. Thanks to all this information, the users can check if the page suits them and decide whether is it worth visiting or not.

These sites are divided into several categories. Those are the following:

Free Downloads, the most extensive of OhMobi's categories, which is at the same time divided into several subcategories allowing users to find the perfect site to customize their phones by downloading videos, pictures, chats, MP3, adult contents… and much more, and of course, totally for free.

Phone Social Networks, where the users can find not only the most widely known social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tuenti, but also some of the not so known ones but anyways with a great quality, as well as social network managers to use from a phone and update all the status from all the users' social networks at once.

News Sites, containing all the sites with general and international news, sports and the weather forecast to be connected with the rest of the world whether the users are.

Information Services, where the users can check out phone sites with general info, such as the Wapedia, Yahoo! Answers and Yellow Pages.

Internet Search Engines for Phone, a list with all the currently available search engines from the net to use from the users' phone.

Phone Utilities, where the users can browse through many different utilities and tools to make the best use of their phones such as a WiFi area directory, tools in order to built their own phone site…

Services, to check out a wide number of phone companies and phone brands' sites.

Phone Fun and Leisure, containing all the sites providing a fun time like the horoscope, famous and celebrities, fashion, hairstyles, gossip…

Misc, with all the sites not fitting any of the other categories.

And finally, Casinos, an extensive selection of all the casinos for phone or Smartphone available in the phone Web to place real bets or just play for free and have fun.

Without a doubt, OhMobi is a fine site where the users can browse freely through its many categories until they find the site they're looking for. The division of the sites into the categories mentioned above, make the users search easy and fast, so they'll have a wonderful user experience. Thanks to OhMobi, the immensity of the Internet for phone is now available in just one site!

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